Chocolate Magic is a participant of the Sial China 2024 Exhibition

Sial China 2024, May 28-30

, We are pleased to share yet another achievement of our team with you: The "Chocolate Magic" company took part in the prestigious Sial China 2024 exhibition in Shanghai.

The exhibition is held annually in China and is one of the largest events in the food industry, attracting the attention of leading companies from all over the world. Participation in this event opens up great opportunities to expand the customer base and establish long-term partnerships.

The participants of the exhibition actively participated in product tasting. The exquisite flavor of our sweets elicited enthusiastic responses from the guests.

Thanks to the successful negotiations conducted by the management, new opportunities have opened up for the supply of our products to China. This important achievement confirms the high level of quality and competitiveness of our company in the global market. We are proud to offer our unique products not only in our home market, but also abroad, continuing to delight customers in different parts of the world!